Thuc Lineage

The Thuc lineage is out of date as many things have happened since its publication. But it should give a good idea of who is what.

It is important that one has the correct information as to who one is going to for the sacraments. It is important that you read 'A Look at the Thuc Line' in order to better understand some of the trappings.

At this point there are over 700 priests in the Society of Saint Pius X where as the Lineage chart shows only something over 300.

The chart is a bit confusing. The Old Catholics are a pretty classic schismatic group which would mean you could be in serious danger to have anything to do with them.

The Thuc Line is questionable as to being schismatic but is definitely an entrapment you do not need. Times are hard enough without adding complications.

Thuc Line flow chart

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