Keeping the Faith in Stratton

Keeping the Faith in Stratton

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Author's Preface

Keeping the Faith in Stratton is a personal account of the problems in the Catholic Church and how we traditionalists (those of us Catholics who have tried to hold to the faith of our forefathers by following the traditional teachings of the Church) continued to practice our faith in spite of the revolutionary changes brought about by the modernists (those who believe the Church should modernize its teachings) after taking control of the Second Vatican Council. These modernizing changes, on one hand, and the keeping with tradition, on the other hand, brought about many conflicts of which we had no previous experience. As “the shepherds had been struck” (the bishops had taken a new faith) the flock was tossed to the wolves.

Keeping the Faith in Stratton is somewhat more personal than one might expect, in that the personal life of the author is discussed to some extent but is not nearly as personal as one might think in regard to a spiritual life. This author isn’t as spiritual as what would be good and will leave such an account to another author in his account of Keeping the Faith in Wherever. The account is not at all simply about Stratton but is more about the different traditionalist groups, so called, and how they affected the Catholics of Stratton, Colorado.

Keeping the Faith in Stratton is being written thirty to forty years after the first events took place. As a result, much “water has gone under the bridge” and we find that there is much misunderstanding as to what has happened and as to why we are doing what we are doing. This account is being written for: 1) those who have been involved in the traditionalist movement all along but who sometimes get overwhelmed by the day to day living of the Faith and as a result the basic issues become lost or confused, so they can better re-evaluate their Faith; 2) those on the outside of the traditionalist movement and who are familiar with the struggle but don’t understand the issues and as a result are, for the most part, scandalized by what they see, so they can better understand and not be scandalized but inspired; 3) those who have never been exposed to the fact that there is a traditional movement to keep and restore the Faith and so continue down the bleak road of a dying world, so they can rediscover the Faith; 4) those who have lost the Faith because the new faith which was to take its place wasn’t worth the trouble and definitely wasn’t what they had before, so they can come back to the Faith; 5) those who have taken up a new faith because they believed it was their duty to give up their “diamond (their precious faith) to have it recut,” so they can “recut” their faith to the Faith of all times; 6) those young traditionalists who were brought up as traditionalists but don’t really understand why they are traditionalists, so they can better practice their faith and remain strong in it; 7) those who are of the hierarchy of the Church and whose duty it is to safeguard the Faith and to teach the Faith, in order that they may be ashamed of their failure and return to their duties; 8) those who have always been outside the Church, so they can better understand what the Catholic Church is and come to love it. Hopefully this work can bring about a better understanding of what is going on with the Catholic Church and will strengthen the faith of all those who read it. Our Lord said He would always be with His Church. Even though things look very bleak, it is often important to go through very hard times so as to be ready for the future.


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