Pray for the Pope

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 |  Written by Richard Cure  | 

First Edition
Copyright, 1998, by Richard L. Cure
Printed in the United States of America
601 Houston St
Sanger, TX 76266


The author wishes to make grateful acknowledgment to Father James Buckley not only for the graces of the Sacraments and Masses but also for challenging my beliefs concerning the papacy and in guiding my search as to the ideals of sedevacantism. Also to Father Eugene Berry for his many years of providing the Mass and Sacraments and for reminding me that there are many problems with sedevacantism which started my search for understanding sedevacantism.

Having very weak English skills, I also wish to thank my dear wife (Rosanne), Dr. Mary Buckalew, and Henry Sestak in their work to make different parts of this study readable.

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