Our Lady of Good Success

Our Lady of Good Success

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Finding Our Lady of Good Success in Quito Ecuador on YouTube

While in high school it interested me that the people of Germany stayed in Germany while Hitler took power and did his evil even though all the writings were on the wall as to what was going on and what the future could bring.

While watching Obama and his treasonous crew take control of the United States, I decided Obama intended to take total control and that we needed to get out immediately so that the rest of our family would have somewhere to go to escape the communist rule.

I told the family we were going to move to Ecuador as soon as our daughter's wedding was over.

My wife and I went to Ecuador, even though the situation had changed by that time, since we had already purchased the tickets. There were several events which showed me that God was standing against such treasonous goings on. This YouTube video is about that trip to Ecuador and the things going on in the Catholic world at the time.

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