The Engine of Change

The Engine of Change

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The Instruction was written by (let's call it a 'rogue') Sacred Congregation of Rites (a Brother familiar with the trappings of what was going on simply called them the Congregation of Rites) who had ignored tradition and set a whole new direction for the Church. This Instruction was published in the pope's publication, and stated that it was in conjunction with the pope. Pope Pius XII had been dying for some time and was unaware of what was going on.

The New Instruction, which was written to correct the wrongs, at least did not say The Instruction was in conjunction with the pope or was published by the pope. Pope Pius XII died before the New Instruction was issued so he could not critique or condemn it. The documents were allowed to stand as they were by the Church and this allowed confusing damage to the Church.

The Instruction had three steps of change which were to be made and which would take away the universality of the Church since each parrish would be at a different stage of change and going in a different direction without the guiding light of tradition. So once the Instruction was put into gear, its processes brought about destructive change in the church.

The Engine of Change

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The Instruction and The New Instruction

We issue the copy of the pamphlet, The Instruction and The New Instruction, as they are one of the most radical documents associated with the Vatican II Church.... Learn more...