Pope Pius XII


Pope Pius XII was quite sickly because of his medical treatment from about 1954 until his death. As a result he did not control his office as one might have wished. The Sacred Congregation of Rites, under the control of the communists (Miss Dod a communist who left the Communist Party in 1958 had said that the communists had taken control of the Catholic Church which would not be recognizable in a few years) published The Instruction, a radical new directive for the church which was absent of tradition. This Instruction was published in the pope"s publication and stated that it was 'from the pope' in late 1958.
Someone (possibly Pius XIl) appointed a Relator of the Historical Section of The Sacred Congregation of Rites to investigate and correct the wrongs done. When the report was published about a month later Pius XII was dead and buried without having been embalmed. The liberal world covered up the goings on and The Instruction was allowed to stand which set the stage for the destruction of the Catholic Church and the Second Vatican Council.

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The Instruction and The New Instruction

We issue the copy of the pamphlet, The Instruction and The New Instruction, as they are one of the most radical documents associated with the Vatican II Church.... Learn more...