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Pray for the Pope is named as such as our lead article which was written after studying the papacy and sedevacantism and deciding that to believe that the Chair of Peter is vacant without the faithful knowing about it would be a violation of the purpose of the Church. The author was, at one time, one who believed that the Pope was not the pope because he had done things contrary to the teaching of the Church, such as promoting religious beliefs which did away with or watered down articles of the faith. In the traditional Latin Mass there is a specific place in which we pray for the pope by name. Those who believe the Chair of Peter is vacant do not name the Pope in that prayer. So the title of this web site is quite literal in that we are imploring Catholics to Pray for the Pope. There has probably never been a more important time to Pray for the Pope.


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Welcome to the Website. I went to school at St. Charles Academy in Stratton, CO, (which is a small agricultural town in Eastern CO.) for three years in the 1950's. St.Charles was my parish for about thirty years. From these years and from other experiences in my life, 'Keeping the Faith in Stratton' was written to show the changes in the Church and how the changes affected the Faithful.
Other research has been done and articles have been written which are contained in this website including a YouTube video my wife help produce.
We recommend that you read the introduction to each article as it may be important to understand what the reason is for that article. We hope that the new changes to the web- site are of value to the reader.

Book: 'Keeping the Faith in Stratton'

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