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 |  Written by Richard Cure  | 

The Great Western Schism and Other Subjects

The purpose of our looking at history is at least two fold: 1) to understand tradition, and 2) to better understand our times. Since tradition would likely be the historical position of the Church, it is imperative that a traditionalist understand history in order to truly be a traditionalist. If we are to apply the traditional teaching of the Church to our times, we must understand history and whether or not sedevacantism is in conformity to the teaching of the Church or rather a departure from the teaching of the Church.

One has to look at history with some understanding of how history arrived at the point one wishes to study. If one doesn't understand the background of that point in history, then one can't understand why the events took place or actually even what did take place. So that the target point in history can be understood, some background information is necessary.

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