Changes in participation in the Mass

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Introduction to The Instruction (Part 1).

A copy of the pamphlet is given as a historical document that contains a copy of The Instruction written by the Sacred Congregation of Rites in 1958 and The New instruction which was written by Rev. Low who was appointed the Relator (a judge in a franchise dispute) to correct the errors. The Sacred Congregation of Rites is a franchise of the pope. Without the pope it has no authority. Rev. Low's document was written as a commentary not as a legal document, and was taken by most as a commentary only.

Only by a close reading of both documents can one get an idea of what Rev. Low was saying and not saying. It is recommended that one read 'Engine of Change', a commentary on the two documents and published within this website.

(Part 1) The Instruction of Participation in the Mass Pamphlet .pdf file

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The Instruction and The New Instruction

We issue the copy of the pamphlet, The Instruction and The New Instruction, as they are one of the most radical documents associated with the Vatican II Church.... Learn more...