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Book Review

Keeping the Faith in Stratton

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 Phase III


                                             Anna-Katarina Emmerick (Visionary) 1800’s

“I saw the Church of St. Peter: it had been destroyed but for the Sanctuary and the main Altar. St. Michael came down into the church, clad in his suit of armor, and he paused, threatening with his sword a number of unworthy pastors who wanted to enter. That part of the Church which had been destroyed was promptly fenced in with light timber so that the Divine office might be celebrated as it should. Then, from all over the world came priests and laymen, and they rebuilt the stone walls, since the wreckers had been unable to move the heavy foundation stones.”
                                           CATHOLIC PROPHECY by Yves Dupont

     Father Jones was kicked out of his parish by his diocesan bishop, and being quite poor with very unreliable transportation to match, went to work with the Traditionalists. In October 1972, the traditionalist groups, mostly Stratton, bought Father Jones a new car so he could get around and be sure to make it out to say Mass for us. It was probably one of the best financial investments in our Faith we could have made since Father Jones traveled all around the state, and other states, to set up Traditionalist groups and chapels. These chapels were to be in Durango, Olathe, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Denver, and of course Stratton.
     Fr. Jones told us about Father White, in Springfield, Colorado, who was a Benedictine priest from England who had been sent to Colorado with a drier climate for his health. He had been assigned to the Benedictine Abby in Canyon City, Colorado, and was serving under the diocesan Bishop in Pueblo, Colorado (the same bishop that Father Jones was under). I don’t know how Father Jones and Father White got to know each other, but it is for sure that “birds of a feather flock together.”
     It was probably early in 1973 that Dad, Bill Hornung, and I (I was just tagging along, sort of a mouse in the corner, not an important member of the group at all; I would have been about 23 years old at the time, old enough, for sure, but not mature enough) went to visit with Father White to see if it might be possible that he would retire and move to Stratton to say Mass for the Traditionalist group there. Father White said Mass for us early that morning in the basement of the rectory on a private altar. Afterwards we took him to breakfast at a local cafe in that rural community. The local people obviously liked and respected Father White. Father White told us how he had served Springfield and a couple of mission parishes for quite a few years, some for around 15-20 years, and that he had always loved the Latin Mass—although I think I remember that he had compromised some in order to get along with the bishop, such as turning the altar around, etc. I am not sure of what had been compromised or if anything had been. The real point is that he had not compromised the Faith, which was a very unusual stand to take and still be in a position in a diocesan church. Of course we can be sure the bishop was very pressed to keep all the priests he could in service as so many had retired. Father White expressed his interest in looking into working with the Stratton group but that he didn’t know where he would stand, as far as his abbey was concerned, if he was to retire.

     It was probably the second time going to Mass at the Knob Hill Community Center that I met Cecilia Ahern, another of Pat and Helen’s daughters, who had been at Father Nelson’s boarding school with the intention of entering the convent there. Cecilia had had an argument with one of the teachers as to whether or not it would be all right to go to a Novus Ordo Mass. So Cecilia was home for awhile. I also


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