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Pray for the Pope

A study of the papacy which the author wrote after researching what his stand should be on the issue of sedevacantism (the belief that the Chair of Peter is vacant in spite of what is obvious).  This study contains a large quantity of quoted research materials which are commonly available to a Catholic.  Some of the chapters are: "Thou Art Peter" (Rock), The Great Western Schism, Gallicanism, Infallibility, Visibility, Schism,  and Tradition.

Thuc Linage

A flow chart which shows some of the bishops which come from Bishop Thuc who was a sedevacantist.  There is a comparison to The Society of Saint Pius X.

Finding Our Lady of Good Success in Quito, Ecuador

A You Tube video about the prophecies foretold by Our Lady of Good Success in the 16th century that the Church would loose the fullness of the faith and that the priesthood would scandalized beginning in the middle of the twentieth century. With evidence that an enemy had done this.

A Look at the Thuc Line

Is an article looking at some of the consequences of the Thuc consecrations and some of the issues associated with him and his associates.

Keeping the Faith in Stratton (an e-book)

Is the author's personal account of the changes in the Church and the reactions of the traditional (conservative) Catholics to the changes in the Church:  and in particular the way in which he was to worship after Vatican Council II (mid-1960's);  the problems in trying to maintain the traditional teachings of the Church including those problems of finding and attending the age old Latin Mass;  and those different leaders and organizations that stepped into the void is discussed.  The story reads like a who's who in the traditionalist movement. Of special interest to the reader is the foresight of Anne Catherine Emmerick who foretold the problems the pope would have with his subordinates and of which the quotes are at the heading of each "Phase" or chapter.

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